Papi Zak has firmly established himself as one of the golden boys on the Malaysian comedy circuit and he just so happens to be the “biggest” Malaysia have to offer.  He’s been writing, performing and doing stand-up comedy for over 12 years and continues to bring his quirky brand of humour and witty observations on the absurdities of every-day life to all this performances. 

Zak has worked in production as well as on radio (on both LiteFM and REDFM) and his comfortable presence in front of a camera landed him jobs on TV as the host of two lifestyle programs – ‘The Halal Foodie’ and ‘Happy Endings’. Zak is currently the brand ambassador for Mr. Potato.

 Zak’s stand up routines are tremendous and people of all ages enjoy the style he brings to the table and this easily translates to the corporate stage, which makes him not only a great comedian to have but also a wonderful host.